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A one-stop-shop for all industrial applications

Optimized servo drive solution for motion control applications
Bonfiglioli has been a leading international player in power transmission and control for over 50 years, and provides complete automation solutions for all areas of industry including the packaging, beverage, textile, food, ceramic, wood, mining and metal processing industries.
Every year, Bonfiglioli manufactures over 1.5 million products offering its customers full integrated solutions perfectly fitting with a wide range of applications for more than twenty industrial sectors.
With more than 60 years of experience, our extensive range of gearboxes, gearmotors and electric motors offers customers the opportunity to benefit from exceptional technical characteristics and superb performance in all industrial applications.
Our mechatronic solutions for industrial automation deliver the highest possible level of precision, efficiency and energy optimization.

Gearmotors & gearboxes

A complete range of gearmotors, gearboxes and mechanical speed variators for light duty industrial automation applications.

  • Helical gearmotors & gearboxes
  • Bevel helical gearmotors & gearboxes
  • Worm gear motors
  • Planetary gear motors
  • Industry specific solutions
Precision planetary gearboxes

A complete series of in-line and right angle, high precision, high dynamic, low backlash planetary precision gearboxes, including pulley models.

  • Precision planetary inline gearboxes
  • Precision planetary right angle gearboxes
Electric Motors

A comprehensive range of AC and DC motors for industrial and servo applications.

  • Permanent magnet DC motors
  • Asynchronous induction AC motors
  • Servo motors
  • Synchronous Reluctance Motors

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