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FR-F Series

FR-F Series

Optimum excitation control for reducing energy consumption – We have adopted and perfected optimum excitation control to ensure that the energy-saving effects are realized during constant torque as well as during the motor’s acceleration/deceleration operations.

UL-1 design up to 40HP – Convenient installation without an enclosure

Standard USB port – for simple set-up using a memory stick

Real-time clock – Enables time stamping of trip messages for easy diagnostics

Load detection system – Detects broken drive belts and other mechanical problems

Anti-Windmill function – avoids costly damage to drive and motor by smoothly controlling loads which are already spinning before start-up

Intelligent Energy Optimization

As a result of the enhanced optimum excitation control in Mitsubishi Electric variable frequency drives, over current is no longer generated during steep acceleration/deceleration even without limiting the amount of voltage compensation during these operations which ultimately provides improved energy savings.

Load Detection System

The FR-F800 learns the exact characteristics of any load and speedily detects the unexpected, such as:
  • Broken fan drive belt
  • Motor bearing damage
  • Clogged pipes
  • Blocked filter

Anti-Jamming Feature

The anti-jamming system deals effectively with the problem of starting pumps which have become clogged with debris. A user-programmable sub-routine alternates the pump shaft direction to free the impeller.


Simple Set-Up

The FR-F800 parameters can be entered directly from a standard USB memory stick. Data can be retrieved, copied or edited by means of the FR-Configurator 2 programming package.

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