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Eaton’s switchgear offers a wide range of innovative UL® 1558 and UL® 891 designs providing safe, intelligent and flexible solutions to optimize operational performance, enhance safety and save space. As a premier leader in power distribution equipment, Eaton serves oil and gas, data center, healthcare and industrial applications.

Eaton knows that you are focused on protecting your people, processes and equipment. We support your commitment to safety and can further enhance it with arc-resistant and arc quenching switchgear designs as well as a variety of accessories for new and existing switchgear.

Reliable switchgear is key but control and intelligence is power. Intelligent switchgear puts metering, monitoring, control and diagnostics safely at your fingertips, whether you’re in the control room or across the globe.

space and layout constraints with a variety of products including a complete portfolio of front access switchgear, a narrow-design 4000A breaker, up to eight NRX breakers in a single structure, ductless arc-resistant switchgear and more.


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