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Founded over 90 years ago, Telemecanique Sensors is specialized in sensors and sensor-related technology. As a global leader in the sensors business, we help our customers select the right technology to get the best performance and reliability from their machines. Focused on 3 core values – Simplicity, Proximity and Expertise – we have become experts in factory automation sensors as well as specialists in demanding applications, making our customers’ lives “simply easy!”

Limit switches, OsiSense XC – Detection by contact of rigid objects

Sensors for pressure control, OsiSense XM, ZM – Detection by contact with fluid

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Inductive proximity sensors, OsiSense XS – Detection without contact of metal objects

Capacitive proximity sensors, OsiSense XT – Detection of insulating materials or conductive materials

Photo-electric sensors, OsiSense XU – Detection without contact of any object

Ultrasonic sensors, OsiSense XX – Detection without contact of any object of any material

Cabling system, OsiSense XZ – Pre-wired female connectors

Rotary encoders, OsiSense XCC – Opto-electronic detection

Radio frequency identification, OsiSense XG – 13.56 MHz RFID detection

Sensors for Safety, Preventa products

Sensors for explosive atmospheres, ATEX products


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